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Tubal Reversal

I perform a surgical technique that can reverse women’s tubes after they have had a permanent surgically tied procedure to prevent future pregnancies. In our current world of divorce and re-marriage, some women who thought they never would want another pregnancy and have had permanent surgical tubal ligation, then decide that their new husband who has not had children would like one together.

This procedure to re-unite the fallopian tubes can only be done under microscopic surgery.  It usually necessitates an open incision and very fine suture.  The success rate in gifted hands is about 80%.  There is an increased risk of Ectopic pregnancy at the site of the re-joining of the tubes but not more than 20%   I have had very good success over the years.   Some couples are choosing IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) instead but the cost of that is about $20,000.00 per month, where as the cost of re-anastamosis is almost 2/3’s less and it is forever.

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